A review of Wildflower – a CMS CakePHP framework

I’ve just started a new project with a built-in CMS called Wildflower which is based off of the CakePHP framework.  Here is a quick synopsis on the main features.


  • Code separation. Understand the difference between view and business logic.
  • RESTful architecture.
  • Unit testing.
  • The heart of Wildflower is the CakePHP framework.


  • Relatively new framework compared to Ruby on Rails.
  • Basically a PHP version of Ruby on Rails.
  • Had a few unpredictable errors.

Overall, the framework worked great for the project and I was able to iterate through prototypes very quickly.  That said, I wouldn’t do another project with it.  Why?  Because I just completed a project using learned Ruby on Rails.  Having done a project using both frameworks, I found RoR to be far more superior than CakePHP.

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