WSI Industries CMS Integration

Design Wide Open contracted eSolutions Web Services to do the website development for the new WSI Industries website design. Along with this, we needed to integrate the website into a customized Content Management System.  WSI has some specific requirements that needed to be met. After some requirements gathering we solidified the list of requirements:

General site & admin tool setup and programming

  • Integrate WSI design into CMS to allow easy updating
  • Program dynamic PHP navigation, includes & menu systems
  • Provide admin based, page level SEO keyword and description control
  • Set up permalinks (aka SEO friendly URL’s or slugs)
  • setup Google Analytics for site traffic monitoring and analysis

Homepage Features

  • program vertical quicklinks utilizing jQuery carousel for accessing Industry Expertise areas
  • featured case study – content controlled via admin with ability to display multiple featured case studies on home page

Facility Tour

  • tour content will be hardcoded via jQuery
  • each tour area may have multiple slides, each with its own descriptive text
  • tour will auto-run, but may be paused by the user
  • tour will also include previous and next manual slide advance buttons
  • general text content for the facility tour page will be admin editable


  • all news content is admin controlled – number of news items per page is admin controlled as well
  • first page of news items will be displayed in the news sidenav and topnav
  • archive of news items will remain accessible via ‘view archived news’ button
  • news items may be navigated via nav menus or previous/next buttons
  • news section will dynamically generate an RSS feed, which users may subscribe to

Job Postings/Careers

  • individual job postings database – job title, description and requirements inputs – admin controlled
  • application form will appear in overlay, with resume and cover letter upload inputs
  • applicant form submission information will be emailed to admin specified recipient
  • application information and resume uploads will also be stored in admin for later retrieval

Case Studies

  • main case study image, title, customer, project and text content are admin controlled
  • any number of case studies may be added

Expertise – Markets

  • flash development – each market will have an animated intro (fade up bkgd, slide in blue bar, fade up featured element)
  • individual market content will be admin controlled, but number of areas highlighted is hardcoded
  • individual markets are accessible via sidenav or via the subnav within the markets page layout

File Library & Auto Email System

  • the admin tool will include an uploaded file library – not visible on website front-end
  • links to uploaded files may also be placed on any page within the site for immediate download

Form Pages: Contact/Request Quote/File Upload

  • 4 separate pages, each with 3-5 input fields – all except contact will include a file upload option
  • form content will be sent to email address specified in admin tool
  • file uploads will also be stored in admin for later retrieval
  • all page and submission completed alert content will be admin controlled. contact page will include a vcard download and links to Google Maps

After addressing the needs, we initially made the decision to develop a custom PHP based CMS that we’ve used on other clients’ websites in the past.  However, after more research and analysis, we found that WordPress 3.0 would satisfy every requirement above.  Not only that, but we were easily able to add some additional features that the client had requested without incurring high change request fees.  We were able to do this since there were readily available modules that satisfied the clients’ requirements.

After completing this project, we found that WordPress is much more powerful than we initially thought.  With the ability to manage navigation, manage forms via an admin interface, and much more, we will definitely be using WordPress as our primary CMS and throwing away our custom-built CMS.  In fact, after the successful launch of this project, we have decided to integrate our own website to WordPress 3.0!


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