Why You Need to Deploy with Capistrano

Having developed a full blown e-commerce application in PHP called Shoptimus Prime, it’s been made clear to me that I was doing things in an archaic fashion.  Here’s a quick summary of how I was deploying code using PHP/SVN and how I now deploy code using Rails/Capistrano/Git. Deploying Code the Old Way Typically when adding […]

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A review of Wildflower – a CMS CakePHP framework

I’ve just started a new project with a built-in CMS called Wildflower which is based off of the CakePHP framework.  Here is a quick synopsis on the main features. Advantages: Code separation. Understand the difference between view and business logic. RESTful architecture. Unit testing. The heart of Wildflower is the CakePHP framework. Disadvantages: Relatively new […]

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Frozen Rotors New Website Launched!

We’re excited to announce the relaunch of our client, Frozen Rotors, featuring a new website design!  Frozen Rotors cryogenically freezes brake pads and brake rotors for customers all over the world.  Some of the main issues Frozen Rotors had with their current site follow: Current website lacked visual presence.  Needed to be more current. Current […]

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The Web Development Process :: Phase 3 – Develop (Integrate)

Phase 3: Develop At this stage of the project, we take all the designs of the previous Design phase and do our web development.  There are 3 sub-steps within this phase: Web Page Production – This involves HTML/CSS, javascript/jQuery development of all the interfaces Browser Compatibility Testing – Here we test the interfaces against all […]

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The Web Development Process :: Phase 2 – Design

This first phase usually involves two sub-steps: 1) Wireframe 2) Design. Wireframing creates a clear understanding of the direction we are going and the elements that will be used in the design. It allows us to change the layout around without a lot of time involved. If we were to jump directly into design, there […]

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The Web Development Process :: Phase 1 – Define

This step is the most critical step since it sets the foundation of the entire project.  At this stage, we define the functionality we want on our website, the home page elements, and finally site architecture.  The functionality we wanted to have was the ability to post projects in our portfolio section along with having […]

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The Web Development Process :: A Case Study

Ever wondered what a quality, custom web design + CMS integration costs? Well, here’s a summary of our own website and the costs associated.

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New Website + WordPress 3.0 – Drupal = Awesome.

Yep, that’s right. We integrated our website with WordPress 3.0 and it’s better than we could have imagined. When we originally redesigned our website, we opted for Drupal.  The reasoning was that Drupal just had more features, modules, community and scalability.  After the integration, we started the process of adding our content…and it was a […]

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